What is an Alpharet Professional Peel?


The Alpharet Peel is a non-chemical exfoliating treatment that helps to improve the appearance of skin by stimulating cellular renewal and removing dead skin cells. The peel can be used anywhere on the body, but will work best as a facial treatment. The results are immediate and long lasting—you’ll notice smoother, brighter-looking skin right after your appointment!

What is it?

Alpha-hydroxy acids, or AHAs, are natural acids found in certain fruits and vegetables that have been used by humans for thousands of years. The most common AHA is lactic acid, which can be found in milk and yogurt as well as sour cream.

Alpha-hydroxy peels use these types of acids to help exfoliate the skin through microdermabrasion. This process involves the use of a chemical peel to remove layers from your skin’s surface, revealing newer layers of healthy tissue underneath. It’s noninvasive—meaning you don’t need surgery—and it’s safe for anyone who wants to improve their appearance without surgery or injections into their face!

In addition to being painless during treatment (though there may be some post-treatment discomfort), an alpha-hydroxy peel is typically short: about 20 minutes long for most areas on the body (like arms) with about 30 minutes needed for larger areas like legs or backside). The results last anywhere between 3 days and 3 weeks depending on how much sun exposure your body receives after treatment; if you’re planning on spending time outside during those weeks following treatment date then keep this fact in mind when scheduling your appointment so we can ensure proper recovery time before exposing yourself again!

Who Can Use It?

You can use an Alpharet Professional Peel if you:

  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Are in good health and have no serious medical conditions
  • Can commit to a three-day “recuperation period” (no sun exposure, no exercise) when using the product

What are the benefits of an Alpharet Peel?

There are many benefits to an Alpharet Peel. It’s a non-surgical, chemical peel that can be used to treat a wide range of skin conditions. This makes it an effective alternative to surgery for patients who don’t want or need invasive treatments. In addition, the results of this treatment last longer than other methods because the effects of the peel last longer than other methods.

The Alpharet Peel is safe and effective for all skin types, including mature skin which may have more sensitive or delicate tissue than younger individuals. The long-lasting effects mean you will enjoy clearer and smoother skin without having to undergo additional treatments as often as other chemical peels that require frequent maintenance sessions every few weeks or months until your condition has improved enough for you not needing any further treatments anymore (or at least not any time soon).

What’s Going on During the Peel and for How Long?

You’ll be in the treatment room for about an hour or so. The doctor will apply the peel to your skin and it will stay on for a few minutes while you’re under a warming lamp. After that, they’ll wash off the remaining solution with water or saline and use some sort of moisturizer afterwards (we recommend our Alpharet Moisturizer). It’s important not to expose your skin to sunlight during this time because it will make you photosensitive!

How Long Does It Take Afterwards and Will I Have to Stay Out of the Sun?

  • How long does it take to heal?

It will take about 3-7 days for your skin to heal and return to normal. You can resume daily activities, including swimming and exercise, after one week. It is best not to wear make-up for the first day or two so that you do not irritate your skin further.

  • How long after the peel can I go in the sun?

It is important that you avoid direct sunlight for at least 7 days after treatment as UV rays may cause irritation of your skin and delay healing time if applied directly on top of a chemical peel treatment area (i.e., face). However, some experts recommend avoiding intense heat such as saunas or steam rooms when getting an alpha hydroxy acid peel done because they cause moisture loss which could lead to dehydration which may affect your results negatively in terms of stinging sensation experienced during or immediately following application process; therefore, speak with an aesthetician before receiving any type of facial treatment if unsure whether it might be suitable based on personal circumstances such as medications taken regularly etcetera.”

The Alpharet Professional peel is one of most popular non-surgical facial treatments because it offers immediate results.

The Alpharet Professional Peel is one of the most popular non-surgical facial treatments because it offers immediate results.

This treatment uses a chemical agent called glycolic acid to exfoliate the skin, which means that it sloughs off dead cells and smoothes wrinkles and fine lines. The alpharet peel is considered medium depth due to its strength, but it’s still very gentle on the skin (and cheaper than some other chemical peels). It can also be used in conjunction with other procedures like dermaplaning or microdermabrasion, making it a great choice for those who want all their treatments done at once.


If you are looking to achieve refreshed-youthful skin within days, then the Alpharet Professional Peel is the treatment for you. Available at Albany Aesthetics, the Alpharet Professional Peel will exfoliate your skin and smooth any fine lines of wrinkles revealing beautiful skin. Give us a call at the office to learn more or schedule your consultation at 772-320-9791.