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Aesthetics Services


A free 15-30 minute consultation with Kiera to determine your course of treatment. Perfect for individuals who are new to wrinkle reducers and dermal fillers or who want effective anti-aging or to change what they have done previously.


A quick & affordable option for our clients, Botox is highly effective in minimizing and getting rid of pesky wrinkles in virtually any part of the face. Look and feel your best with this quick and minimally invasive procedure. $12 per unit.


These neurotoxins are also an effective treatment for minimizing and getting rid of pesky wrinkles in virtually any part of the face. Look and feel your best with this quick and minimally invasive procedure. $11 per unit (xeomin/jeuveau) $5/unit (Dysport)

Liquid Rhinoplasty

One of our most popular procedures, the liquid rhinoplasty is perfect for quickly attaining a straighter nose, hiding bumps and ridges, or adding a little lift in the tip for that perfect button look. Prices for the procedure vary per customer and product used. $620

Lip Filler

Another extremely popular procedure at Beauty Sleep Aesthetics and one of our personal favorites! Lip filler is a safe and effective way to get the pout of your dreams or even smooth the appearance of fine wrinkles. Price varies per customer and product used. ~ $520-720

Facial Contouring

Facial contouring is perfect for clients who was to enhance their jawline, chin, or cheek bones. The quick procedure aids in giving you that chiseled look and can help to balance facial structures as well. Price varies based on client and product used. ~$550-1100

PDO Threads

Stimulate collagen and lift the face using dissolvable sutures. Do you want a brow lift, or your jowls lifted? Maybe the crepey skin under your eyes softened? Using threads helps with both lifting and tightening. Price varies on type of threads and amount used. ~$750 – $1200

Chin and Cheek Filler

Create a contoured and slimming appearance using chin and cheek fillers to balance out the face and define shape. Price varies based on number of syringes and product used. ~ $600-$1200

Laser Treatments

Forever Young BBL

Corrects Sun damage and the visible signs of aging skin by delivering Broadband Light to the epidermis & dermis, stimulating changes in skin tone, texture, elasticity & pigmentation

2-3 average number of sessions
3-4 maintenance sessions per year recommended
Full Face $500
Full Face & Neck $750
Face, Neck & Chest $1000
Hands $250
Upper Arms $650

Forever Body BBL

No downtime, comfortable treatment that eliminates the visible signs of aging, such as age spots, redness or dull-looking skin

Neck $300
Chest $550
Neck & Chest $800
Full Arms $900
Back $1500
Full Legs $1200

Forever Clear BBL

Destroys acne-causing bacteria, reduces inflammation and redness, and makes way for clear, healthy skin

3-6 average number of sessions
10% off with package of 3 or more
Full Face $450

Forever Bare BBL

One of the fastest hair-reduction treatments available. It evenly heats hair follicles throughout the treatment area, minimizing missed spots

Packages include 6 treatments 6-8 weeks apart
Xsmall $800
Small area (armpits, hands or feet) $1000
Medium area (chest, arms or face) $1400
Large area (back or legs) $2000

BBL Corrective

Corrects pigmentation issues such as age & sun spots, redness & rosacea. Reduce unwanted melanin & eliminate fine vessels


Full Face & Chest $250
Telangiectasia’s $200
Facial Bruise $150
Red Scars $150
Hemangioma’s $150
Port Wine Stain/Rosacia $250
Venous Malformations $250


3-4 average number of sessions

10% off when you buy a package of 4 sessions

Full Face $500
Cheeks $250
Neck $300
Shoulders $350
Chest $500
Upper Arms $700
Forearms $550
Hands $250
Upper Legs/Thighs $1300
Lower Legs $800
Feet $250

Skin Tyte

Improves the appearance of sagging skin with a quick & comfortable treatment

4-5 Average number of sessions
15% off when you buy a package of 5 sessions
 Hands $350
Arms $500
Chest $500
Above Knees $500
Abdomen $500
Neck $500
Lower Face $500
Eye Lids $350

Halo Laser

Improve overall tone and texture in addition to significant removal of discoloration, reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduced pore size all while gaining more skin reflectivity and get that “Halo glow”

Body/Additional Areas by Consultation
Full Face, Neck or Chest $1500
Neck $500
Chest $750
Hands $750

Halo + BBL Combo Laser
Face, Neck or Chest $2200
Additional Areas $950 

Topical and inhalant Anesthesia available for all services


We want to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible. Before each treatment we will analyze the skin and brows to ensure the best treatment possible and address any concerns or questions you may have about your treatments.


Hydrating Facial – $80
Custom Vitamin C Facial – $90
Anti-Acne Facial – $80
High Frequency – $100
High Frequency add on – $25

The perfect treat for your skin, facials can help you address your skin concerns!

Peels & Extractions

Acne Peel – $140
Wrinkle Lift Peel – $140
Extractions – $50

Perfect if you would like to clean out and minimize the appearance of pores. Peels gently remove the top layer of skin to reveal the fresh and smooth skin underneath.


Dermaplaning – $80
Add on to any facial – $40

A gentle exfoliation that using a thin blade to remove the top layer of dead skin cells and peach fuzz hairs giving you a smooth face. This procedure does not cause hair to grow back thicker

Collagen Therapies

Micro needling (single session) -$200
*Packages available for 4 or more sessions
Nano Infusion Therapy – $100

Boost your skins collagen production with minimally invasive collagen therapies designed to make your skin look glowy and plump!


*Price includes 4-6 week follow up & touch up

Want to make your brows look fuller and more defined? Then microblading is for you. We will expertly map your brow shape and custom mix your perfect color.


Microneedling 4 sessions
Microneedling 6 sessions

Consultation required


Upper Lip
Side Burns
Brow Henna Tint
Brow Glaze

Facials are the perfect time to get a touch up on your regular wax! Quick and easy with minimal pain.