Mother’s Day Giveaway!


See Details Below For A Chance To Win!

Mothers Day Giveaway details 2024








Each appointment booked from now until 5/11 you will receive one ticket. 

*Please note the appointments HAVE to be booked for BEFORE 5/11/24 to be entered into the raffle. 

Every purchase of 64 units of Jeuveau and every increment of 64 there after.

Every $250 increment spent on aesthetic service. That means if you spend $1,000.00 you will recieve 4 tickets for the giveaway.

*Please note this is the pre tax total.

Every $150 spent on skincare online or in-store.

Every additional service added on in the room.

An example would be as simple as adding on one of our signature IV bags, A B12 Shot, Sculptra Treatment, Adding another portion of your face to be treated, ect.

We will be drawing the winner on May 11th via instagram live and contacted directly.


Dates of the giveaway are 4/19/24 thru 5/11/24